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ValueSYS offers leading business management products and services that provide small and mid-sized customers in Egypt and the Middle East the insight for success.

ValueSYS was founded in Egypt in 2001 to provide organizations with innovative and proven software solutions, as well as comprehensive consulting and technical support to help organizations achieve their business goals in Egypt and Middle East region.

ValueSYS was established as an Official Business Partner of SunSystems renowned business and financial software. ValueSYS is a specialist in three main fields ERP, infrastructure and security During a very short period of time ValueSYS achieved a noticeable success in many fields and with different partners, as at the begging of 2004 ValueSYS become the first SUSE Linux Advanced Partner in Egypt and the Middle East and by the end of the year ValueSYS become the first Novell Gold Partner in Egypt. In 2005 ValueSYS won the opportunity to participate as one of Novell Distributors in the Middle East, it is also became a Novell Linux specialist and Kaspersky Distributor at the end of 2005.

Today, ValueSYS is one of the most leading providers of business management and infrastructure solutions giving its customers choices and flexibility while building a highly secure and stable computing environment.

ValueSYS provides a full-range of solutions for the enterprise, including ERP, Infrastructure and security services.

Companies can be confident that they will find in ValueSYS a highly skilled and dedicated partner; a partner who understands the needs of its clients, and is committed to their success in this region.


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